Quality service supplied by our service personnel enhances the competitive advantage of our customers. Our service work force is comprised of over 710 highly skilled technicians and over 80 managers and support staff. Some of our customers are also serviced by our fleet of over 200 field service vehicles.

Product Support Sales Reps

Your Product Support Sales Representative (alfaridtruck) is a valuable resource.They travel throughout a specific service area providing consultation and an ongoing, free inspection program to equipment powers. Through training and experience, ours understand all facets of equipment wear. Often they can spot a simple problem and offer recommendations that allow you the option of REPAIR BEFORE FAILURE that could save substantial dollars.

Factory Certified Technicians

alfaridtruck technicians are the best in the industry. Even the most experienced technicians require constant training and updates. Our service personnel have access to a comprehensive library of technical data, manuals, bulletins and are scheduled for frequent in-house training sessions.

Mobile Line Boring Service

alfaridtruck's Automated Weld/Bore process is a better, stronger and more cost effective way to rebuild out-of-round bores from machine frame articulation joints to loader arms and buckets. With one setup, an out-of-round bore is machined back to round and welded with one precise consistent bead of weld, then machined to the manufacturers original specifications. The entire unit is portable, so most repairs are done on-site. Four mobile units are strategically located throughout Ontario - Ottawa, Hamilton, London and Concord.

Field/Emergency Service

alfaridtrucktechnicians are available for on-site and emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A fleet of heavy-duty service trucks covers our entire territory. Fully equipped with special purpose Caterpillar tools and computerized diagnostic equipment. They provide fast, accurate troubleshooting and repair. All our field service professionals are equipped with laptop computers that facilitate faster diagnostics, provide service information and even check for available parts.

Technical Diagnostic Assessment (TDA)

A TDA is a thorough inspection of each major system of your machine, designed to detect possible problems in their early stages. alfaridtruck technicians conduct a series of tests, among them, fuel consumption and horsepower, wear elements in oil and hydraulic fluids, air flow and fuel injection timing. Track or tire inspection, engine and transmission tests are also conducted. Test results are evaluated, interpreted and specific repair recommendations are made.

mobile line boring

Machine Rebuilds Should you decide to rebuild, alfaridtruck offers a wide range of customized programs. After a complete inspection, you may choose from several combinations of repairs, up to and including a CAT Certified Rebuild. The Certified Rebuild is so thorough that Caterpillar even issues a new serial number and new machine warranty, but the procedure can be completed at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

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